Keys for getting into E-Commerce

In Zzani, we have been developing online stores for a wide variety of customers and products for many years. A detail that always comes to attention is that customers don’t know what to expect about this kind of e-commerce and the keys to boost and get the most out of it.

Therefore, we want to share a series of recommendations that you should know before launching your online store.

1. Marketing strategies

It’s necessary to know that an E-commerce works very diferrent from a traditional business, so many things that work for a physical store will not necessarily work for an online store.

2. Market Analysis

Afterwards, you should analyze if your product or service could really be marketed through the internet, as well as the kind of people to which it is addressed. It is necessary to know their needs in order to define the objectives of the online store, and taking into account not launching a product for people who usually don’t have access to this kind of technology.

3. Security is a key point.

Users are acquainted with online purchases, however you must have a site with “certified security”, which will give the customer the confidence that their data is protected, this will increase your prestige and attract more customers.

4. Payment methods

Nowadays electronic cards are available to make payments. However, it’s also advisdable to use the services known as online platforms (Paypal, PayU, Mercado Pago, Amazon Payments, among others) to charge. Also you should know that independently of the payment method you choose, the collection plan will generate fees and this way you could avoid lossses due to the fees that you must cover.

Now you know more about the aspects to take into account to develop your online store or E-Commerce, so if you are already determined to start with your digital business, in Zzani we develop specialized online sales sites, including online payment platforms, all under high security standards so that your customers feel confident to buy on your site.

Yenny Marquina