If your business doesn’t have a WEBSITE, then… It doesn’t exist!

Every day the world is more connected through the web, millions of people get everything they need with just one click, so if your company doesn’t have a website yet, we invite you to know 8 powerful reasons why you should not wait to create a website.

1. Open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

It’s logical that when you have a physical store, you only work during office hours, but websites never close. They don’t rest on weekends or holidays.

Having your business open every day of the year is possible because your website will be working and making money for you while you rest. This will allow customers to research your product at any time of the day, adapting to the different schedules available to users.

2. Low cost and effective marketing.

Television, radio or magazines are good means to promote your business, however they are often very expensive and do not allow to disseminate information in quantity or even quality, compared to a website. One of the potential advantages of having a website is that you will have a means of promotion and direct communication with your customers. Likewise, you will present your product in a more updated way with the help of social networks (Instagram, Facebook among others), remember that these are tools that help you to boost your product, because they play an important role at the time of advertising with just simply adding the link to your site, so the customers can access your website more quickly and efficiently.

3. What customers search, google shows them.

People usually research solutions to their problems and services in google, so having your own website always could be an excellent option to get the attention of those who always make their searches online. If your business already has a Facebook or Instagram page, or other social profiles but also has its own optimized web portal and a physical store that appears in google maps, you will surely occupy a very good position in google and new customers will come to you. Of course, this will require the efficient use of search engine optimization techniques.

4. There are no limits for growing and generating earnings.

Having a presence on the web not only allows you to have customers locally, regionally or internationally but also you can have business relationships and / or alliances at different levels.

Independently of what your company is dedicated or the kind of services you provide, definitely having a presence on the internet will make you expand your borders.

5. Improve the image and prestige of your business.

Nowadays, it is common for people to research companies on the Internet, to compare prices, know the services and even take into account the experiences of other users. Therefore, showing a professional image of the company on a website will allow visitors to learn about the products and services offered and also to feel confident when interacting with the product, making your company or business improve every day. Without a doubt, having your business at the vanguard of technology and information will increase confidence and make it easier to be recommended to a variety of people who haven’t yet used your services.

6. Your competition is already on the web.

In a globalized world, companies that are not online are as if they didn’t exist, so having a website will make you more competitive increasing the amount of customers and improving your image. Independently of the sector, location, size and type of business, the common point of all is to have a website that differentiates you from others.

7. Constant update.

Being at the vanguard always represents a step ahead. Having a website allows you to easily and periodically update everything related to products, services, prices, promotions and everything that helps the client to stay informed in real time.

8. Do not lose customers.

The fact that you have a website allows customers to locate you in case you change your address just by updating your location.

Likewise, once your website is created, it’s important to know that thanks to customers you business could increase in earnings and prestige, so keeping an adequate communication with them is a point in favor, as well as the answers to the questions and comments that they could make about any services or product. These should be answered in short time intervals in a clear and educated way, allowing in this way to create trust between you business and the customer, positively increasing your services.

In conclusion, having a website is essential for many businesses nowadays. It is the basis of any good digital marketing strategy that will help you to increase your sales and your customer base, so if you don’t have it, wait no more! In Zzani we have a group of experts in creating websites of vanguard, providing the advice you need to develop your website and expand your business effectively and quickly.

Yenny Marquina